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In our society today, women are expected to do it all, be it all and have it all together all of the time. The reality is, living a life that way is nearly impossible. Here at Halcyon Therapy, we are women dedicated to helping women, striving to make your life feel more manageable.

Halcyon Therapy is a women's practice, supporting clients in Pennsylvania. At Halcyon, we specialize in supporting women during motherhood and life after. Through both professional work and personal experience, we have discovered that these transitions are perhaps the most challenging a woman can experience, often with very little support. Halcyon Therapy was created to be just that, a space for women to feel connected, understood and cared for during this time of transition and beyond.


At Halcyon Therapy, we will identify your greatest needs and craft a plan for empowering you to achieve them. We will pinpoint your barriers and fears and break them down to feel more manageable. We will celebrate victories, discover beauty in the broken and learn from hardships. We will validate your struggles and provide guidance for moving forward.


As therapists, we are passionate about blending our professional backgrounds with the lessons we have learned along the way to create an environment of encouragement, hope and solidarity. As women, we feel called to provide a space of inclusion, understanding and guidance for the obstacles we face on the journey to motherhood and beyond.


No matter what stage of life you find yourself in, let us help support you along your journey.






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